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The MINA State pages are accessible by current Members with their registered login and password.

These pages allow each State to share information exclusively with its own Members, including news and educational content from conferences. Individual members can also present research papers.



All content for these pages can be emailed to the Webmaster at mina[at]minanaitonal.org.au



General Info

Forgot your Username (Hint - Username 8 alpha characters. 1st Character your state MINA e.g. v for Victoria, next 6 characters you surname, last character your given name initial. Example Joan Williams from Queensland - Login  qwilliaj. If surname less than 6 letters add surname and make up to 8 letters from given name Example Simone Low from WA Login  wlowsimo

Forgot password click on " RESET PASSWORD" and follow the directions. 

Alternately you can click on contact MINA tab above access the members page please click on the Contact MINA tab and request your logon and password details from  website admin.

If still unable to access MINA national you may not have current financial status. To check "Contact MINA" via above tab.

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