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Welcome to MINA WA.
Although we are a relatively small group of Medical Imaging Nurses we are none the less enthusiastic and excited about our roles within our different departments. MINA WA commenced operations in 1988 and our membership is a slow growing affair with our numbers now around 47 and 3 Life members.
We have many and varied Medical Imaging departments/clinics throughout WA because it is such a vast state. We have departments in our public hospitals which again are varied in the imaging they perform ranging from basic X-rays to Interventional Procedures using MRI CT and Fluoroscopy and DSA.
There is also a great diversity and thriving industry within the private sector which of course lessens the very heavy workload on the public service.
MINA WA holds 2 workshops per year and they are very well attended by an enthusiastic group of nurses and some radiographers.

This year MINA WA successfully hosted the 2019 MINA National Conference in Fremantle 4-6th of October. 

During the National Conference MINA WA had our AGM with new committee members. The new committee members will be published soon


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